Purchasing Kermit

That’s what we call our new Bullfrog Hot-tub…

We have wanted a “water-based” form of fun, entertainment, and relaxation for a long time. It was only after 17 years of marriage and a few decent bonuses that we got serious about it though. It’s hard not to want something like this in Texas but why a hot tub and not a pool or just a good ole soak in the sprinklers or trip down memory lane via the slip and slide? I will mostly contrast our decision vs. getting a pool since its probably obvious that I have no desire to rekindle my boyhood nor could I physically handle romping in the sprinklers or sliding down a wet piece of plastic in my 40’s. Both would likely have me pretty sore in the morning and neither would accomplish my first goal…to relax.

1. Relaxing – yes pools accomplish this. They cool us off in the hot sun. They allow you to float on a raft and get a little nap in. BUT and this is a big BUT…do they massage you with a variety of jets hitting all the right muscles from shoulder to buttocks? Unless the pool you purchase has a hot tub, the answer is no. Massage is therapeutic regardless of your age. It’s health benefits are so recognized that you can actually get a discount on the taxes you pay toward a hot tub purchase if a doctor deems that you would benefit physically from the water therapy.

2. Temperature Control – I can already hear some of you thinking, “Why would you sit in a hot tub during the summer?” Well its only hot if you set it to be hot. The max temp by law is 104 degrees and during the summer that is in fact scalding and uncomfortable. With a bit of experimenting we have found setting the unit to 90-95 gives us the perfect cooling affect without being too cold. Anything above that seems to cause sweating and summertime temps already accomplish that on their own. We also have an east facing patio where Kermit sits. By 2PM there is no direct sun and we never get in until its fully shaded. This combination of factors allow us to basically have a small pool that massages us. Let’s face it, I probably would not be swimming laps even if I had the chance in a larger body of water.

3. Cost – Bingo. This probably is the number one factor why Kermit is best for my family but it has a few layers to it besides just the variance in sticker price. You also have to weigh the long-term maintenance costs of taking care of 400 gallons vs. thousands of gallons. Chemicals, pool cleaning professionals, pump costs, electricity, repairs all add up and comparatively make the hot tub pale in comparison. The entry level price for a decent hot tub is $4K depending on the size you want and the features that are important to you. We went a few levels up from basic but definitely stayed below five figures, although there are plenty of options north of $10K as well. Last but certainly not least is re-sale value on your home. You cannot recoup the massive investment in most cases because you have a pool. You could probably ask for a little more than the competition down the street with similar square footage with no pool but not by $30 – $80K. And even if the same is true for a hot tub, we have two choices; leave it for the new owners and not be out too much on the investment OR take it with us.

4. Access to your pool – Though this may sound like I am pro-Kermit and anti-pool, nothing could be further from the truth. We love swimming pools, especially yours when we are invited over, which concludes my reason for landing on a hot tub purchase. I can still visit my in-laws, my friends with pools, the city pool, and even the neighborhood pool from our old neighborhood so long as we are guests of one of our previous neighbor friends…wink, wink. We get just the right dosage of cooling off in these other options that we do not feel any true loss with what we have.

Do you have a pool? A hot tub? Both? Wanting one or the other? Do you agree with my reasoning or do you have a different opinion? Leave some comments sharing your perspective.

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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