The Second Amendment

This time it’s not about killing flies around the house…

In my previous post I promised to weigh in on the actual topic I was pretending to address in my shameless plug of a fly killing devise called “A-Salt” gun. It’s a clever play on words given the gun shoots salt killing a variety of insects though the primary target is normally the bothersome fly.

First, I think I should attempt to explain my political leanings. I do not feel represented by the Republicans or the Democrats but on the scale of Liberal to Conservative I am right of center by a decent degree. If only a third party option like the Libertarians would take center stage, I might feel like a group gives me some hope. Alas no attempt at doing so has thus far worked be it the Tea Party or whatever that monstrosity was when Ross Perot was running (God rest his soul).

So back to guns. It’s probably no surprise that a conservative leaning fellow would support the 2nd amendment and I do. The founding Fathers came from an overly oppressive government that they had to fight (with guns) in order to obtain freedom. History can and does often repeat itself and they knew an armed citizenry would likely prevent our government from turning on those its meant to serve. Additionally I believe the only one that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (regardless of how cliche that sounds). And we all know bad guys will get guns even if made illegal. The only people that are truly penalized by a ban are law abiding citizens.

Does that mean nothing needs to be done about the topic? Not necessarily but I do want take this opportunity to delineate the topic and get feedback from you, especially if you are Left Leaning about what your stance might be. I will confess I don’t completely understand on a scale of reform to outright banning therefore repealing the second amendment where the Liberal agenda lands. It seems all over the place depending on the source.

1. So, on the scale of reform but keep this civil right vs completely ban guns & repeal the amendment, where do you land? Change nothing is also an acceptable answer.

2. Automatic weapons. This is normally one of the delineation that the left makes when conceding that they want reform of some kind rather than repeal. Yet they constantly refer to an AR 15 as an automatic rifle even though the AR stands for ArmaLite and it is not automatic. Being misinformed is not a good place to argue from. That said, where do you stand on actual automatic weapons?

3. Personal choice. Though I support the right to bear arms, one can do so without actually owning any. So right leaning or left does not mean you own a gun necessarily. You don’t have to exercise a right in order to support it. What have you personally decided is best for your family?

4. Lastly for the gun owners out there. On the scale of one concealed pistol to fully stocked zombie apocalypse arsenal, where do you land? What are some of your favorite firearms and why? Lastly, what do you use them for (self defense, hunting, both)?

Whether you agree with me or not I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment and get a conversation going.

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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  1. I fully support the 2nd amendment. I own guns for hunting and self defense. I believe in reforms to keep them out of the hands of criminals and those psychiatric medicine seems unfit. I don’t know if more reforms are needed b/c existing system to support these laws are broken.
    I believe mental health in this country is a far bigger problem than the actual guns, but we can’t stop by just addressing access to guns, we’ve got to fix the mental health problem in the country.


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