God or Google?

Where do you go with your questions and concerns? I am very guilty of kneeling at the throne of Google with my inquiries. Want to know the world’s smallest mammal? Google probably knows. Want to find out if a celebrity is still alive? Google probably knows. And when Google isn’t at our fingertips we have […]

Grillable Cheese

Yes, you read that correctly and its every bit as good as it sounds… Today’s post will be a little different. Less descriptive and more visually rich with lots of pictures and how-to instructions for your tastebuds delight. If I could send you the smells and the taste through this medium, I would. Suffice it […]

Celebrity Death

Tragic in more than one way… A recent news headline announced another celebrity losing his life prematurely. No matter who it is, death is tragic. It puts an impassible gulf between us, the living, and them, the departed. Pending your worldview on the afterlife it could be a permanent departure and again, this is sad. […]

Being Kind…

Why is it so hard!? A couple weeks ago my church pastor taught us about kindness and our responsibility to be kind. Not just randomly when someone buys you a coffee in the drive through at Starbucks by keeping the chain going and paying for the next person in line but with real intention. All […]

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