The Goldbergs

One of the best shows on TV…

“Before class begins, does anyone need to make?”

Did you spend any part of your life living through the 80’s? If so you will appreciate this show on a much deeper level than those who did not. Did you spend your childhood in the 80’s? Then this show will impact you the most. BUT I can endorse this amazing depiction of one of the best decades in human history for anyone at any age. My very own kids enjoy episodes, laughing right along with us. Perhaps part of their joy is seeing how mom and dad looked, acted, and sometimes endured the various phases, fashions, pop-culture, and history making events that are so well captured by creator and main character in the sitcom, Adam F. Goldberg.

Adam, a self professed nerd who struggles with sports, being the youngest in the family dealing with two brutes of an older brother and sister, a fairly disconnected father figure who just wants to lounge around the house in his underwear, all pale in comparison to what he calls his S’Mother. Beverly Goldberg’s life is her kids and not in the healthiest of ways. She is smothering and crosses every line that most would not dare, so long as she believes its helpful to the greater good of her kids. It’s the kind of help none of the kids want or asked for but it makes for comedy gold and gains my loyal following.

While I did not have a Smother, older siblings, struggle with athletics, or a dad roaming the halls in his underwear…there is enough cross-over and shared 80’s experience to make you relate in a very real way. Whether its Hands Across America, an iconic old song, the portrayal of the school dance, first time love, learning how to drive, going to the mall, or girls spraying their bangs with Aquanet, there is a wealth of shared experience to cause audience members to connect on some level. And though things have changed drastically in so many ways, lots of social norms and phases of life like Middle and High School still carry very similar themes.

It’s The Wonder Years for Generation X. If you have not already tuned in, start binge watching now. Maybe you can get caught up before the next season starts.

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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