God or Google?

Where do you go with your questions and concerns?

I am very guilty of kneeling at the throne of Google with my inquiries. Want to know the world’s smallest mammal? Google probably knows. Want to find out if a celebrity is still alive? Google probably knows. And when Google isn’t at our fingertips we have Alexa and Siri as backup. I don’t think its an inherently bad thing to take advantage of the access we are given to basically all of human knowledge. But for the Christian, it should not be a substitute for going to Our Father. And even for the secular person, its a vast jungle of internet chaos that can be hard to navigate and extract good answers…accurate answers. All the human knowledge still comes with inaccuracies, misleading theories, divisive arguments, and unnecessarily scary information.

As I type this, our globe is consumed with the COVID 19 scare, AKA the Corona Virus. My employer has cancelled the President’s Club trip, my customers are scaling down when it should be peak season, and my fellow man is out trying to buy everything off the grocery store shelves out of the fear of needing to stay at home for a prolonged period of time. If there was ever a time where people are likely flocking to Google for answers, its probably at its peak right now. But what about God? Are you going to Him? Are you asking Him for guidance, protection, reassurance, good or improved health, healing, and clarity?

If not, I encourage you to do so. And if so, I encourage you to continue and that you encourage other believers as well. This does not mean to abandon your AI tools and technological sources. But it does mean to assign the proper value of those sources and prioritize them accordingly. We live in a fallen world, hell-bent on scaring you. Our enemy is here to steal, kill, and destroy anything of value to you. Yet we serve a higher power. Romans 8:31 states We Are More than Conquerors – What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

That is my two cents…keep the change

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