Grillable Cheese

Yes, you read that correctly and its every bit as good as it sounds…

Today’s post will be a little different. Less descriptive and more visually rich with lots of pictures and how-to instructions for your tastebuds delight. If I could send you the smells and the taste through this medium, I would. Suffice it to say…I highly recommend.

Start with a trip to the grocery store and a purchase of the above, Carr Valley Bread Cheese. The end product tastes nothing like bread so all I can assume is there is some kind of bread like congealing substance that keeps it from melting and falling apart, hence the name.

Heat your grill full blast to get the grates super hot and ready to make those amazing grill marks. However, do not plan on keeping the heat at this level once the cheese takes center stage. I have learned to use the Pam Olive Oil directly on the surface of the cheese as opposed to the grill surface. When applied to the grill it has a tendency to evaporate and you end up with cheese sticking to the grate and a whole mess.

Once you properly grease that bad-boy up, throw her on the grill and reduce heat to LOW. The iron hot grate should still leave a good mark as you will see later in the post. I recommend four minutes per side depending on how hot your grill gets.

Take a look at this amazing work of art in progress and try not to salivate!

Spray the olive oil on the top side and flip so that side is now facing down and also protected from sticking to the surface. Do not flip unless the grill marks and coloring look similar to this photo. Do your best to make both sides look like this.

Once off the grill just cut into delectable squares and be prepared to wow the family or friends that are lucky enough to partake!

A final touch with a toothpick lanced through the cheese square’s middle and now this party just got fancy! All kidding aside, if done correctly this is about the tastiest appetizer you can possibly serve at your next gathering. The cheese is around $10 so its not the cheapest but its certainly one of the best. Let me know how yours turns out and feel free to send me some pics.

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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