How it should be…

…what informs us to think that way?

I give my wife a hard time because she has OCD. But the picture above probably irritates every viewer at least a little bit. One can clearly observe one pencil not neatly organized with the other supplies and want to fix it. I think this is a small example of a larger phenomenon that mostly causes problems for the atheist worldview.

I have never met anyone that says our world is ideal. That it could not improve. We all have an idea of what “ought” to be and maybe even sometimes get frustrated about why its not. But have you ever questioned why we are wired like that? If we are part of a godless random creation where dog eat dog, the strongest survive as the narrative suggests then I actually think this existence is pretty ideal compared to what level of chaos could be. There is no room for “ought” in that worldview that holds any water because it goes completely against the storyline.

This is not an argument for Christianity. But it is a challenge to non-believers to think about. You are hardwired to know deep down that this is not Utopia, things could and should be better. Your worldview has no explanation as to why yet theists and especially Christians have an explanation. We are part of a fallen creation that will one day be restored. Our internal operating system that God created instinctively understands this is not ideal and the tension that creates in the human experience is palpable.

What do you think and why? If you are an atheist I would be especially interested in how you explain man’s natural desire to fix things to how they ought to be and what informs us as to why anything should be different?

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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