The Concept…

…not that it matters much.

I used to blog. Regularly. For years. Back then I thought I needed to have a singular focus or idea and what was better to emphasize than my Christian faith, the story of how I found truth, perhaps helping others do the same? A few problems manifested pretty early on but I kept at it longer than most. With a singular focus like that it could get challenging to come up with new articles, new opinions, and most either came to read something they already agreed with or came to argue rather than listen and consider my story. Like many, I eventually quit. This blog may not last the test of time either but I have made a decision that has promise for longevity.

This time around the plan is to just talk about whatever I want. I am still a Christian, my faith has not wavered. Neither has my desire to share Christ with those who are lost. But my interests and my life are much broader than one topic. One day I might get political, the next I might talk about my favorite meat to grill. The only rule I plan on exercising is I will only publish MyTwoCents on topics that I am passionate about or at least in the category of being very interesting. It might end up that the only person I entertain or have common interests with is myself.

But I miss this outlet. So regardless of the size of the audience now or down the road a bit, I am going to selfishly offer what I feel like offering, when I feel like offering it. My bet is you will occasionally find my posts of value and other times feel like flaming me in the comments. Either way is fine so long as it encourages you to participate. For me the thrill is in the interaction. You know, that thing that the internet practically steals from us completely? How ironic would it be if we actually use it to connect?

That’s my two cents…keep the change!

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  1. Perfect!! I want to hear about whatever you want to talk about! And maybe you will be a source of wisdom for the hundreds of questions I have about stuff and can’t seem to get anyone to help me think through/work through/answer them!


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