Bug-A-Salt Rifle

Stunningly handsome yet fierce fly hunter

If you clicked on the link because of the title thinking it a controversial second amendment topic on assault rifles, woohoo…the clickbait worked. But right off the bat I will disappoint you because its no such thing. Perhaps that will be a topic for a future post because I do have and will share my stance on that issue. So while this post might land a lame score on the controversy scale it tops the charts on the amazingly fun & huge nerd scale both of which should be very important to you.

Special note: If I like a product or service, I will shamelessly plug it & recommend it regardless of the lack of compensation. However, I will gladly accept a few dollars thrown my way if those I plug so choose to enhance my lifestyle (wink, wink, hint, hint).

Google “Bug-A-Salt Gun” and you will likely see an image like the one below:

This is the outdoor version for larger bugs because it packs a punch that will basically cause the targeted insect to explode. Not a mess you want to deal with indoors. They also have an indoor version (pictured at the top of this post) and I have both. The gun is loaded with table salt. A full chamber of salt will give you 50 shots worth of fly hunting fun. Like a shotgun that releases multiple pellets that spread out in a wide pattern, peppering the intended target with a multitude of shrapnel, this gun uses the salt grains to take down the evil fly buzzing around your kitchen. You know it must die. Its pure evil hellbent on finding a tasty morsel of food that you worked hard to prepare. It will land on the best cut of steak causing immediate contamination considering he just flew in the house from the steaming pile of dog poo in your backyard. You’d be lucky if that is all it would do. But the evil doesn’t stop there folks. No way. That fly also wants to lay eggs and take a poop of its own right there on your chicken casserole.

Ladies & Gents…we have to protect our homes from this menace! What kind of husbands, wives, mothers and fathers let such tragedy go unchecked? Finally we have the answer. No more guts on the window with the worn out, ancient fly swatter. Save for a pinch of salt there is practically no mess. Ditch that archaic subpar weapon and arm yourself with the greatest bug killing machine on the market. Or be a complete ignoramus and disregard my sage council. The choice is yours.

That’s my two cents…keep the change.

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